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Family and Systemic Constellations

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In a nutshell:

We are all a part of a family. Although we may feel like individuals there are many unseen forces that influence our circumstances and behaviour that come from family connections. 

There has been groundbreaking research in the past few years that shows how trauma is carried down three or four generations and is influencing the current generation without our awareness.*

This fascinating method has gained increasing popularity around the world since its introduction by the German psychotherapies Bert Hellinger 30 years ago.

​Our past or present family members may have experienced many types of trauma. For example, war, illness, crime, displacement, miscarriages or abortion and early death.

Through the Family Constellation technique, it is possible to identify what is being carried by us that has come to us from family members, and to understand how their experiences may be influencing us without our awareness.


Undertaking a Family and systemic constellation can bring you inner peace. It can show you what forces have been influencing your behaviour and your experiences in life quickly and efficiently.

What can the constellation work do for you?

By doing the constellation work you can get answers to questions about your lives and your family relationships.

The constellation shows you the root causes of your unexplained circumstances, manifesting as depression, disease, stress or repeated unwanted behaviours that you see and feel appearing in your life without knowing why or where they have come from.


By identifying the source, resolving these issues is achievable and you will be introducing order, balance and love to both your family system and your own life. 

The constellation process will enable you to observe things with a neutral perspective. It will allow you to release judgment towards yourself and your family. You will be bringing about healing for yourself as well as for all those in your family system. 

What is constellation good for?

You can bring to the session any issue that prevents you from feeling inner peace, anything that makes you feel stuck and frustrated.  


My experience

When I first encountered Family Constellations, my jaw dropped. I have never, in my many years as a practitioner, experienced such a method. I found it to be powerful, precise and efficient in finding the root causes of issues, no matter how complex they seemed. And the process was all done gently and with great respect.


I was privileged to get constellations done for my family line and for different aspects of inherited and experienced traumas in my life. It brought me a deep understanding, compassion and an amazing sense of calmness.  

What happens in a workshop

Although Family Constellation can be done in a private session, it is very beneficial when conducted in a safe and supportive group.


In a group setting the participants will get a chance to examine their pressing issue, one participant at a time.


Sitting next to the facilitator you will be guided to choose representatives from the group to represent the different roles required.


The roles could be:

  • Your family members, including current family, family of origin or ancestors

  • Different feelings and emotions such as depression or guilt

  • Systemic roles such as your job, your future or a place.


Once you choose the representatives you then sit down and observe the entire scene.


The representatives have no prior knowledge of the people they represent. They tap into the “knowing Field”, a term that was created by Albert Mahr, a respected German physician and psychoanalyst. You do not need any particular skills to be able to be a representative.


The representatives will then start to move around the room and describe body sensations, feelings and emotions within themselves and towards one another. These are those unseen feelings, identifications and relationships which are the underlying causes for your issues.


This fascinating phenomenon has been reported and confirmed repeatedly both by numerous representatives and the represented family members around the world.

The healing doesn't only happen for the person who receives the constellation. There is a wonderful synchronicity happening in the room as the representatives are often chosen to represent a role that correlates with their own issue.


Even by being in the room and observing you will benefit and heal. We are each touched and moved by one another’s stories, connecting us and allowing for a powerful healing to occur


It is important to note that the Family Constellation group is a sacred and non-judgmental space. Great emphasis is put on integrity and confidentiality so you can feel safe to participate and heal. 

Interested in attending a Family Constellation workshop?

Click here for workshop schedule:


* References for some of the current research about how trauma is carried from generation to generation: 

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