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"My nine years old son suffered from OCD. In our case it was an obsessive behavior regarding cleanliness. He would be constantly cleaning himself and his surroundings at school and at home. He suffered immensely and couldn’t study, play or keep calm.

​I came to a constellation session with Shirah aiming to help my son. The session was conducted with an astonishing sensitivity. Shirah explained everything and managed to direct the session and reach the precise problematic sources of the issues. She calmed me down and expressed an amazing empathy.

Three days after the constellation my son’s OCD improved dramatically. He hardly cleans himself or his surroundings and his obsession has diminished. He is now enjoying school, plays with his friends and is able to study. A huge thank you, Shirah."
Anonymous. IT manager, Sydney.

"Dear Shirah,

Thank you for an exceptional family constellation session.

I have been living with distrust in myself and my body for more than 20 years following a severe disease.

It is difficult to express in words how great the constellation session was for me. ​

I have been to many therapy sessions throughout the years trying to overcome my issues however the feelings, sensations and intensity of the session with you are not similar to anything I have experienced before. I felt that the puzzle pieces of my life are getting into place and saw the entire picture. I felt like I'm waking up.


I left the session feeling different. I felt that the challenges and traumas I have been carrying for more than 20 years have been resolved.


A short time after the session I started to notice how my life is changing, I am fulfilling my professional and personal desires, being active and believing that I am capable.


I find it difficult to believe that one powerful session influenced me and my life so deeply and profoundly.

Thank you for the deep listening, your highly intuitive abilities, for containing all the emotions that came up during the session, and for a precise guiding and facilitation of the process.

I highly recommend a session with you to anybody. It is a life changing experience."

Liron Dolev, Life and Parents coach 

"I had a family constellation session with Shirah to deal with an ongoing health issue that I was experiencing. The session was amazing. Shirah is a kind, warm and incredibly intuitive practitioner who demonstrates real caring and concern for helping her clients achieve their desired outcomes.


In our session Shirah helped me to discover trauma I was carrying from my ancestors which was contributing to my health issues. With compassion and patience she assisted me in identifying the trauma and dissolving it. I felt incredible afterwards."

Gabriela M., Health and well being practitioner, Sydney

"I received healing sessions from Shirah in difficult and stressful times for me, during IVF treatments. Shirah was very generous and caring and helped me to find out the source of my issues.


The successful results were quick to come. I started a magical 9 months journey and now I am at the end of it, expecting the near future, being relaxed and open for next stage in my life.

Thank you for your continuous support and for showing me the light along my path."
Zarina Blat, System Programmer, Sydney


"Shirah did fantastic work with me to get me well from a severe virus, originally diagnosed as Ross River virus. Shirah is amazingly intuitive, and a great communicator. Through her work, she was able to target the specific areas of illness that were affecting me, and we worked together to find the associated circumstances and clear the issues that were contributing to making me ill.

She is very caring and gentle in her approach, and I felt great confidence in Shirah and her abilities. The fact that she did her three healing sessions with me by phone was even more amazing! I would definitely go to Shirah again in the event of any other illness."
Brid M. EditProof Austrlia, Newcastle NSW

"I am a client of Shirah Shulman from Victoria and she is sorely missed here. She is a professional, friendly practitioner with a warm heart and welcoming smile. At once Shirah puts you at ease and carefully explains what you can expect from a therapy session.


I can recommend her sessions for people who may be holding onto something from their past that they are unclear about. I found the sessions to be relaxing and beneficial, with my high stress levels being reduced.

Shirah's caring nature and wonderful energy make one feel 'at home' and I highly recommend her as a therapist for both adults and children, professionals and those of you just needing some 'time out' from the stresses of everyday life.

Claire-Rosina Dulloo, Massage Therapist, Cheltenham Victoria

"Dear Shirah,
Thank you for all the wonderful sessions.
You are blessed with a sharp intuition and the ability to see the whole picture and pinpoint the main issues for me. You have a wonderful ability which helped help me see things more clearly, go through self development and make real changes in my life.

Your ability to combine channeling with Family Constellations while listening to me emphatically made me feel so comfortable. This allowed me to go through breakthroughs in my life and to progress beyond the difficulties. I now feel that I can create a new and different reality for myself.

When it was hard for me, you were always there with me, believing in me, never giving up.
Thank you."

Deniss L., Senior admin, Sydney 

"Shirah is an incredible intuitive healer. She is patient and kind and you can feel the genuine love and warmth exuding from her. I have had numerous sessions with Shirah and she always gets to the deep issues and clears them with ease. She truly is an amazing healer."
Gail M., Complaint Manager, Sydney

"Yesterday's workshop of Family Constellations was truly profound. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of the idea of bonding in illness and family legacies, of destruction and struggle." 

"Shirah is an insightful, warm and authentic facilitator with this unique ability to uncover the hidden dynamics and core issues. She had incredible insights into the situation and led us to a resolution in her soft-spoken, gentle manner. I had a wonderful sense of peace after the session. highly recommend to try!"

A.G. Client Retaining Business Consultant, Sydney

"Shirah is a professional, empathic, pleasent and warm therapist. She helped me deal with difficulties in various areas of my life and supported me as I was implementing the changes I needed to make. 

She has a wide knowledge base and is using  a variety of therapeutic tools. 

I thank Shirah for the dedicated and significant therapy she provided me and warmly recommend her as a therapist!" 

S.G. Clinical Psychologist 

It was great to receive healing sessions from you. You are so committed to what you do. I think you are an amazing healer and you are very wise, generous, sensitive and intuitive.
Thank you."
Arbel Morduch,  Speech Pathologist, Sydney


"Thank you so much for my session today - it was truly AMAZING! 

So lovely to meet you - you're an amazing practitioner and an inspiration.

Look forward to the next time"

Ingrid M. Marketing assistant, Sydney 

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