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Private Sessions allow you to get full attention in a safe space and have the session tailored to your specific needs.


Counselling and Psychotherapy - Individuals 

During the counselling session, you will be invited to express and explore your thoughts, emotions and feelings in a supportive and calm environment.


Together, we will strive to understand yourself, your life circumstances and the issues that bother you.

Furthermore, you will be provided with tools and strategies that will help you create changes in your life and help you feel more peaceful. 


We will work together to help you let go of challenges, heal from past issues, change unhealthy relationship patterns and feel grounded and supported.


Art and Sand Play therapies

Art and sand-play therapy are unique techniques that help us connect with different parts, thoughts and feelings. Both art and sand play therapies use symbolism, miniatures and colours to communicate with our deep and hidden thoughts and feelings, express our concerns and help us find inner resources and resolutions. 


When given an opportunity, the hands will solve what the minds can't. 


*no experience or artistic skills are required to benefit from these modalities. 


Play therapy 

Play therapy is a form of psychological treatment that uses play as the primary mode of communication, and is especially suitable for children. 

Play therapy involves using toys, role-playing and games, to allow the child to express their emotions, needs and challenges.


Gaining insight into the child's needs and challenges, allows me to help them deal with unresolved issues and traumas and learn new coping mechanisms. 


Couples' Counselling 

Couples counselling allows you to address your conflicts, pains and wishes in a safe and calm space.

I use two main types of evidence-based modalities:

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): This method will help you understand your attachment and bonding patterns, help you recognise and express your needs and help you feel connected.


Gottman Method: a practical method that helps you understand and manage conflict areas, equips you with problem-solving skills, and improves friendship and intimacy.

Family Constellation

Having your private constellation session is a powerful and efficient way to help you transform a challenge or emotional block you are currently coping with.


If it seems like you have tried many things to change your circumstances and resolve your issues but the challenges remain, it probably didn't start with you.

Many of the issues we face, be it in our personal and professional lives, may have originated within our family lineage. This has an enormous unconscious effect on how we behave. 

Having your constellation is powerful and will allow us to uncover unseen feelings, identifications and relationships in your family system and your life.


Once we shine a light on these hidden elements and issues we will be able to address them to bring back balance, order and love to your life.


This powerful method offers deep and lasting resolutions that will enable you to feel and behave differently and fulfil your potential. 



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