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Shirah Shulman 

Guiding you to find the peace within

We are all wishing for inner peace and calmness in our lives. However, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves repeating the same patterns of thinking and behaviour which prevent us from feeling calm .

I can help you to gain clarity, uncover the real source of your frustration and understand why you feel so stressed. Together we can release the patterns that keep you from manifesting your wishes. 


It is possible for you to feel calm, peaceful and be in the moment. Once your issues are resolved inner peace can come. It is there, underneath the clouds, waiting for you to get in touch. 

Who are my services for?

  • Are you wishing for inner peace? 

  • Do you feel like your problems are weighing heavily on you?

  • Do you let opportunities pass you by?

  • Do you feel like your dreams are out of reach?

  • Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns of thinking or behaviour?

  • Are you tired of feeling drained, overworked or uninspired by your life?

  • Do you struggle with health issues?


What techniques am I using? 

I use a variety of practices and skills, all aiming at resolving your issues and helping you achieve inner peace. To do that I may use techniques that could include:

  • Engaging in an empathic conversation

  • Connecting to your inner world and communicating with your higher self using deep listening, guided visualization or art therapy techniques if you wish

  • Receiving intuitive guidance to answer your questions and identify your core issues

  • Setting up your family or systemic constellation 

How can I help you?

Using precise and efficient methods we will be able to find the root causes of your issues, no matter how complex they seem to you.


When your issues untangle and resolve you will experience great relief and a sense of peace within a short space of time. 

Either in a private session or by attending a workshop, you will get the opportunity to get in touch with yourself and be able achieve the inner peace you wish for.

Interested in attending a Family Constellation workshop?
Click here for workshop schedule:
Ready to book an individual session? contact me to set a time and date: 

Get in touch

To book an appointment or to register to a workshop:



I offer personal sessions from Saint Ives, Sydney, NSW or via Zoom


1 hour private counselling and healing session - $150 

1.5 hours private family constellation session (using crystals or fabrics) - $200 

A full day Family constellation workshop - $180 

All prices are in AUD

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