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'For the man is a tree in the field'

This sentence is taken from the forth book in the bible (Bamidbar – Numbers)

I have always loved this sentence. I feel that it touches me deeply.

When we look at a tree we see the trunk, branches and leaves. We know that it has roots, sometimes some of them are visible but most of them aren’t. They are rooted deep down in the ground, holding the tree up, supporting and nourishing it.

Humans don’t have physical roots that can be seen. We walk on the ground, move from place to place. Yet during meditation we are often instructed to ‘connect to our roots’ and envision ourselves as trees sending roots down to the ground.

So what does the wise sentence from the bible mean? How are we like a tree, and why does this sentence resonate so much?

We are all a part of a family with many generations before us. These are our roots. This is where we can find our courage, where we can feel love and belonging. This is also where we can feel pain, hurt or rejection.

Our roots are where we can find the source of our behaviour, pattern of thinking, illness or relationship difficulties. A groundbreaking research has found that trauma experienced by our grandparents or great grandparents will be carried down our genetic line and will influence our behaviour and experiences in life. This is true even if we didn’t know our ancestors and even if we had no knowledge of the trauma.

So if our roots are influencing our behaviour what can we do? How can we allow our roots nourish us with what we need to live a happy and fulfilled life?

I found my answer in Family Constellation. It allowed me to represent my ancestors and discover their traumas. It allowed me to bring a healing movement to my roots.

Restoring love, order and balance in my family system allowed me to feel more grounded, present and nourished, just like a tree in the field.

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